2014 Western Planner Conference – September 30 to October 03


Registration is now open 2014 Western Planner Conference hosted by Salt Lake County and the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association. The Conference will be held in Salt Lake City, UT from September 30 to October 3, 2014. A conference program and mail-in registration program can be found HERE.

Sessions (C&MP doctoral students and faculty are participating)

“Interurban and Intraurban: Rail and Bike” by Guang Tian, Matt Miller, and Keuntae Kim

“Measuring the Future” by Matt Miller and Mike Brown

“Housing Affordability at TOD” by Matt Miller and Katherine Kittrell

“It Just Got Bigger: Planning for Energy in the West” by Bruce Parker

“Destination Resorts – Learning from our Experience” by Bruce Parker

“Planning and Managing Public Lands in the West” by Bruce Parker

“Planners Role in Urban Water Conservation” by Philip Stoker

‘Multi-jurisdictional Corridor Planning” by Susie Petheram

“Urban Sprawl and its Quality-of-Life Impacts” by Shima Hamidi, Reid Ewing, and Martin Buchert

“Predictably Great Planning for an Unpredictable Future” by Keith Bartholomew and Ted Knowlton

“Ethical Planner” by Stephen Goldsmith

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