Graduate Certificate in Urban Design

Offered jointly by the School of Architecture and the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning, the Graduate Certificate in Urban Design is for graduate students and professionals interested in shaping the places we live, both how they will look and how they will function. Urban design involves a complex inter-relationship between municipalities, real estate developers, property owners, planners, architects, the construction industry, public administrators, and the general public. Students in this program will learn to engage in this process effectively to produce vital and vibrant places.

Program Purpose
The program is a forum for developing skills used in the interdisciplinary practice of urban design. The certificate complements the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Master of City & Metropolitan Planning (M.C.M.P.), Master of Real Estate Development (M.R.E.D.), and Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.), and seeks to provide opportunities for graduate students throughout the University of Utah to learn more about urban design. The program is also open to professionals not enrolled at the University who wish to enhance their professional development.

Completion Requirements

Urban Design Graduate Certificate Application

Urban Design Graduate Certificate Requirements:

CMP 6440: Urban Design Principles
CMP 6400/ARCH 6056: Urban Design Visualization
ARCH 6050: Visual Communication
prior course or demonstrated experience
CMP 6445/ARCH 6030
Elective (choose one)
- CMP 6040: Physical Plan Analysis
- CMP 6100: Planning History + Theory (urban form)
- CMP 6200: Urbanization (urban theory)
- CMP 6310: Urban Development Methods
- CMP 6380: Green Communities
- CMP 6420: Open Space Design
- CMP/ARCH 6470: Case Studies in Urban Design + DEVT
- CMP (N): Pedestrian + Transit-Oriented Design
- ARCH 6230: Utah Architecture + Cities
- ARCH 6271: Contemporary Theory
- ARCH/CMP 6500: Preservation Theory + Practice
- ARCH 6581: Main St. Revitalization

NOTES: 1. Except for studios, courses required for other degree programs cannot be double counted for the UD Certificate.

2. The UD Certificate program director can allow other pertinent classes to fulfill certificate requirements as necessary.

All students entering the program must have completed an accredited bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA. All applicants must submit an Urban Design Graduate Certificate Application, a letter of intent and two letters of reference to the college admissions advisor at the address listed below. Applicants not already admitted to a graduate degree program at the University (non-matriculated students) must also complete an undergraduate admission application at:

For further information, contact:
Kassy Keen
Academic/Admission Advisor
College of Architecture + Planning
University of Utah
375 S. 1530 E. Rm 235
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112