2010 MCMP Graduates

J.P. Goates (MCMP)

J.P. Goates is a Research Analyst at the University of Utah Metropolitan Research Center and Adjunct Instructor for the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning. He holds undergraduate degrees in Graphic Communication, Urban Planning and a Master of City and Metropolitan Planning. He has a diverse background in graphics, software development, GIS analysis, transportation, and land use planning.

J.P. began his career as a graphic artist and 3D modeler of video game environments. When he was done playing games, he expanded into a real profession of GIS and planning. His background in design, however, has served the planning field well. In addition to teaching, he has worked on numerous transportation and environmental projects statewide in analysis, public engagement, and documentation capacities. As part of the HUD sustainable communities grant, J.P. holds a key role in development of the Envision Tomorrow Plus planning support system.