The majority of these student projects were a part of the Planning Workshop, which is the capstone to the undergraduate program.

Listening to Mobridge
Listening to Mobridge was a community workshop course conducted by The University of Utah’s City & Metropolitan Planning Department, by Associate Professor Stephen Goldsmith and his students, during the Fall 2010 semester.

Central Pointe Small Area Plan (People & Place)
With the inevitable arrival of the Sugarhouse Streetcar, the City of South Salt Lake is presented with an opportunity to revitalize their Market Station and Central Pointe districts, which surround the western terminus of the streetcar line. This small area plan, produced from exhaustive engagement with residents, business owners, city and county officials, and other stakeholders, provides a framework for the city to capitalize on this potential through an array of design and policy recommendations that focus on a concentrated mix of uses, combined with a pedestrian-friendly, walkable environment.

Park City Transit Plan
This study presents and reviews the setting for transportation, including a review of recently prepared plans and studies; demographic factors; transportation data, market conditions, and issues identified by Park City Transit and UTA. Subsequent steps in the study will analyze a wide range of service, capital, institutional, management, and financial alternatives, and develop a transit plan that will guide the connection of Salt Lake City and Park City via express bus service, and an implementation plan to move forward.

West Valley Student Project
It is the vision of West Valley City to plan for the implementation of a plausible, diverse, sustainable, and active neighborhood. Elements of this vision include accessibility for all forms of transportation to a unique mix of residences, employment, cultural resources, natural amenities, retail and civic uses.

Foothill Drive Study
This study was initially brought forth by resident complaints of traffic congestion along the Foothill Drive corridor. Data research, analysis and a preferred plan from this land-use study were used in this transportation study to conclude best future practices of this area.

Kearns General Plan
This general plan was developed to assist Kearns as they face future land uses changes such as the Mountain View Corridor, light rail expansions, and increasing needs for public facilities.

Magna Draft Master Plan
The purpose of this Draft Master Plan is to provide the community with a unified vision concerning future land use decisions and preservation issues. In addition, the plan will provide the means necessary to improve the beauty and character of Magna. As citizens and officials come together, this general plan will assist them in making critical decisions that affect the character and dynamics of their community.

South Davis Transit Study
This is a land use study plan prepared for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and incorporates five main sections: Natural environment, built environment, transportation, social & economic, and government & public services. Given the information that was processed a land use plan was developed. One that focuses on transit oriented development, connectivity, and accessibility.

Transit Oriented Development at 2700 West
This plan is focused around a transit-oriented development in West Jordan City. The planned TRAX station at 2700 West to create a preferred plan that addresses the future needs of West Jordan City while trying to help UTA receive funding from the Federal Transit Authority.

Glendale Neighborhood Centers
This document is a small area plan detailing the qualities of the Glendale area (a neighborhood of Salt Lake City) and a vision for a neighborhood center. The hope of the project is that it will act as a catalyst for change in

Analyzing Commute Time to the UofU
Time to the U The goals of this project was to: analyze drive time from a sample population, Analyze origin points from a sample population, and Compute average total time from origin points using the TRAX light rail system.

City Narrows
Planning students make proposals for a lively system of alleys for downtown Salt Lake City. Project was also highlighted on KSL News.